The Partners

Selwyn Shapiro is the third child of the Late Louis Shapiro, a man synonymous with divorce law and who was a doyen of Matrimonial Law.

After completing his schooling at Waterkloof Primary School and Carmel High School [Now Crawford College], Selwyn commenced his articles of Clerkship at his father’s firm and studied on a part time basis at the University of South Africa towards a B.Proc Degree.

Whilst performing his duties as an articled clerk, Selwyn worked hand in glove with his late father and gained a tremendous amount of experience in both Divorce and Family Law. Selwyn personally assisted and prosecuted cases, under the supervision of his late father, which made an impact on Family Law in general. Some of these cases, such as MARTENS v MARTENS 1991[4] SA 287;  HONEY v HONEY 1992[3] 609 W;  WIJKER v WIJKER 1993[4]  SA 720 A and DE WITT v DE WITT 1995[3] SA 700 T, are now studied by students throughout the Republic of South Africa.

Selwyn was admitted as an attorney of the High Court of South Africa on the 9th of May 1995 and shortly thereafter became a Director of Shapiro & Shapiro Inc where he continued to practise with his late father and was subsequently appointed as Managing Director of the firm. Selwyn continued to assist his late father in making inroads into Family Law as it stands today and personally attended to further cases which are studied by law students today, being ROWE v ROWE 1997[4] SA 160A.

Selwyn has represented numerous celebrities  during his career,  such as ANNELINE KRIEL, MARK FISH, AMOR VITONE and ROGER DE SA to name a few, as well acting for and against numerous high profile politicians.

On 15 November 2013, Selwyn commenced practising under the name and style of SHAPIRO & HAASBROEK INC, where he  is the Senior Director of a practice designed to continue rendering legal services based on the sound principles which Selwyn’s late father instilled into him from a young age and to continue flying the Shapiro flag of excellence high.

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Leon Haasbroek matriculated from Ermelo High School after which he studied at the University of Pretoria where he obtained a B.Proc degree.

While studying part time he completed his articles of clerkship at the firm Shapiro & De Meyer Inc. Under the guidance of well-known and respected attorneys such as Mr Hentie Serfontein, Mr Louis Shapiro and Mr Olaff de Meyer, he was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa in 1999 and has been practicing law since.

The experience gained during his articles of clerkship with Shapiro & De Meyer Inc, laid a good foundation for Leon in the Family Law field. Leon has been involved in some complex and high profile family law cases relating to divorces, maintenance as well as domestic violence matters.

Leon is one of the founding partners of the firm Shapiro & Haasbroek Inc with Selwyn Shapiro.

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Leiba Nachman ( Louis) Shapiro was born in Heilbron, Free State Province and was admitted as an attorney in 1962.  After graduating at the University of the Witwatersrand he joined the firm Austin Goudvis Saperstein and Kuiper in the old Tudor Chambers Building. It was in this building that the first Saperstein and Shapiro was born. Subsequent thereto the firm underwent numerous name changes, and later became Shapiro & De Meyer Inc., when the former Northern Transvaal fullback, Oeloff De Meyer joined as a partner specialising in criminal law.

The company moved to Shapiro Chambers in 1993 and became Shapiro & Shapiro Inc. where Louis practised, together with Selwyn, until his demise. At the time of Louis’s demise and Selwyn was the managing director of the firm.

Louis, became a boffin at matrimonial law, and was often referred to as the divorce king of South Africa. Louis’s dedication to his profession and clients are still highly spoken of today by members of the legal profession country wide. Louis prosecuted cases that had a permanent impact on family law as it is known today.

Both Selwyn Shapiro and Leon Haasbroek, the directors of Shapiro & Haasbroek Inc., had the privilege of serving their articles of clerkships at the firm where Louis was at the helm. Selwyn worked with Louis on a daily basis and was groomed to become Louis’s successor.

Louis passed away on 1 may 2005 and Selwyn continued to practice as managing director of Shapiro & Shapiro Inc., until 15 November 2013 when Selwyn and Leon commenced practicing under the name and style of Shapiro & Haasbroek Inc., in the eastern suburb’s of Pretoria, as a convenience to the clients of the firm.

Our Employees

Tammy Roxanne Kaplan completed her high school career at Pretoria High School for Girls in 2006.

Subsequent thereto Tammy attended the University of Pretoria, where she obtained her LLB degree in 2011.Tammy initially commenced her employment as a Candidate Attorney, with Shapiro & Shapiro Inc. under the guidance of Selwyn Shapiro while Selwyn practiced under the name and style of Shapiro & Shapiro Inc.

When Selwyn and Leon commenced practicing under the name and style of Shapiro & Haasbroek Inc. Tammy continued to complete her contract as a Candidate Attorney with Shapiro & Haasbroek Inc. Upon being admitted as an attorney, during June 2014, she was appointed as a Professional Assistant with Shapiro & Haasbroek Inc., working hand in hand with Selwyn.

Tammy has gained vast experience, whilst serving as a Candidate Attorney and a Professional Assistant, in the employ of Shapiro & Shapiro Inc. and Shapiro & Haasbroek Inc. in family law, and all related spheres thereto, High Court Litigation and Magistrate Court Litigation. She furthermore heads up the firms collection department.

Machallan D’abreu was born in South Africa, and is fully conversant in both English and Portuguese. He completed his high school career at ED-U- College High School during the 2008 academic year.

Subsequent thereto Machallan attended the University of Pretoria, where he obtained his LLB degree during 2013. He commenced his employment as a Candidate Attorney, with Shapiro & Haasbroek Inc. under the guidance of Selwyn Shapiro & Leon Haasbroek.

Upon being admitted as an attorney, during May 2016, Machallan was appointed as a Professional Assistant with Shapiro & Haasbroek Inc., where he is predominantly involved in High court, Reginal Court and Maintenance Court litigation.

Machallan gained vast experience, whilst serving as a Candidate Attorney and a Professional Assistant, in the employ of Shapiro & Haasbroek Inc and is fast building a reputation for himself, in family law litigation.