Below are documents of interest available for you to download:

Childrens Rights

[prettyfilelink size=”361 kB” src=”” type=”pdf”]Child Justice Act 2008[/prettyfilelink][prettyfilelink size=”247 kB” src=”” type=”pdf”]Child Justice Regulations April 2010[/prettyfilelink][prettyfilelink size=”668 kB” src=”” type=”pdf”]Childrens Act Regulations April 2010 Part 1[/prettyfilelink][prettyfilelink size=”1 MB” src=”” type=”pdf”]Childrens Act Regulations April 2010 Part 2[/prettyfilelink][prettyfilelink size=”682 kB” src=”” type=”pdf”]Consolidated Childrens Act[/prettyfilelink]


[prettyfilelink size=”607 kB” src=”” type=”pdf”]a120-98 Recognition of customary marriages act[/prettyfilelink]

Civil Union

[prettyfilelink size=”252 kB” src=”” type=”pdf”]No. 17-2006 Civil Union Act of 2006[/prettyfilelink]


[prettyfilelink size=”106 kB” src=”” type=”pdf”]LSSA Manual on Access to Information Act (2)[/prettyfilelink]

National Credit Act

[prettyfilelink size=”1 MB” src=”” type=”pdf”]NATIONAL CREDIT ACT[/prettyfilelink]